Dcapper dating

17-Aug-2017 20:11

An undercut 34 is provided between the gripping edge 33 and stop face 32 to provide a relief in that area. 3, it will be noted that the radius of the gripping edge 33 is less than the radius of the exterior of the cap 11.

A ramp 35 extends outwardly from the gripping edge 33 in a direction away from the stop face 32 so that the ramp raises the cap 11 and septum 12 as the gripping edge is moved inwardly as shown in FIG. This arrangement permits the opposite ends of the gripping edge of each jaw to initially make contact with the cap prior to any other portion of the gripping edge.

Obviously such tools are not designed for decapping and are inefficient at best. 2,643,805, issued June 30, 1953, to Josef Muller-Strobel.

The decapper 10 is especially designed to remove a cap 11 and septum 12 from a via] 13.

The cap 11 is made of a deformable material such as aluminum; while the vial is usually made of glass, and the septum 12 is made of a resilient material such as rubber. 4-7, the septum 12 has a reduced portion which fits into the neck of the vial to seal the same and a peripheral portion which overlies the top of the bottle, which top is indicated by the numeral 14.

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Once you log onto our website, you will find the price and availability displayed on the product detail page.Each jaw has a flat stop face for engaging the top of the vial cap, and an arcuate gripping edge spaced from the stop face a distance equal to the distance from the top of the vial rim to the top of the cap. The jaw is relieved between the gripping edge and stop face.